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The Mustang Stampede was a success, thank you to all who participated!
::: Oct 10 2015 12:02 :::
Mustang Stampede
October 3rd, the Mustang Stampede was held. This event was a major success, with the schools giving their all. The Mitchell Navy JROTC cadets were honored to have hosted such a field meet! We thank all of the cadets and parents who put in their time and energy to make this meet possible.
Cross Country
The Mitchell Navy JROTC cadets who had participated in the directing of traffic at the Mitchell Cross Country event, were glad to have been able to lend a helping hand.
Trinity Mustangs Football
The Mitchell Navy JROTC cadets who had attended this event, were glad to have been of assistance while volunteering. From concession stands to picking up garbage, it was time well spent.
Taste of Keystone
Mitchell Navy JROTC cadets were honored to have offered their services to Keystone Prep High school. The event consisted of many mini games, food, the riding of horses, petting bunnies, and the entertainment of a musician and improv group. Mitchell NJROTC thanks Keystone Prep for the great opportunity!
9/11 Flag Ceremony
Mitchell Navy JROTC was honored to have had the opportunity to perform along side of the Police Department Color guard with our own. The NJROTC cadets were joyful, as always, to have participated in the Flag Ceremony and honor all those who were involved in the date we commemorate, September 11th.
Mitchell Navy Cadets help fulfill a WWII Veterans last wish
On August 28th, four of our own Mitchell Navy JROTC Cadets escorted Bill Tyndall, who was an airman who flew with the Berlin Airlift in WWII, out fishing as it was his final wish. The cadets and our SNSI were thrilled and touched to have had the opportunity to spend time with such an amazing man and to give back to a veteran who had risked his life for our great country.
Mitchell Navy Car Wash
The Car wash that was held by Mitchell Navy JROTC on August 29th, at the 7-Eleven on Seven Springs Blvd, was a success. A full line of cars kept the cadets occupied as they were glad to participate in this fundraiser. Each vehicle that was in the hands of Mitchell NJROTC, left with a shine that was created from the hard work the cadets put forth. We thank all who had attended the car wash and hope to have made the effort that was expected of us.
Mini Boot Camp Day 3
The final day of Mitchell NJROTC Mini boot camp was a look into the future. The NJROTC unit is glad to have the incoming cadets and to be able to discover their true potential. Mini boot camp was a success, even though we had encountered bumps in the road, Mitchell NJROTC worked together as a unit, truly living up to their motto of, One Team One Fight.
Mini Boot Camp Day 2
The second day of Mitchell NJROTC Mini boot camp was as efficient as day one. Many of the cadets began their physical training, or PT, and got a taste of the physical standards we expect in NJROTC. The cadets participated in drill lessons and were individually taught the stationary drills, along with another academic class. Mitchell Navy is proud to train the incoming cadets and is looking forward to an astounding year!
Mini Boot Camp Day 1
Day one of Mitchell NJROTC Mini Boot camp was an utter success. The incoming cadets turned in or received important paperwork for their NJROTC future, as well as learning the academic basics. The Mitchell NJROTC instructors, staff members, and the returning cadets taking on leadership roles, are ecstatic for the following two days of Mini Boot camp and to see what is in store.
Mini Bootcamp
Mini Bootcamp begins the 28th and continues through the 30th. Cadets will need to arrive by 0730 each morning to the purple building. The incoming cadets will be expected to wear active clothing all three days.
Mitchell High Graduation
Mitchell Navy is proud to say the Naval Science's senior cadets have graduated May 30th! Our color guard was enthused to be able to represent the colors for the graduating class. We wish the graduates the best of luck on their future endeavors!
Mitchell Navy Picnic
Mitchell Navy held their yearly picnic, easing the cadets minds off of their exams. The cadets enjoyed many mini games, including kickball, tug-of-war, tire flipping, and drill. The event displayed friendly competition and the need to win!
Meadowlawn Ceremony Day 2
Mitchell Navy was thrilled to have presented the colors with veterans and honoring all those who have lost their lives in the military. Mitchell Navy treasured this experience and would be proud to have the opportunity to do so again.
Meadowlawn Ceremony Day 1
Mitchell Navy NJROTC was honored to have placed miniature American flags at the grave stones of veterans. All who had participated was amazed at the amount of American flags we had placed down, and felt privileged to have honored the deceased.
Relay For Life
Mitchell Navy was proud to take part in the stand against cancer, and participating in Relay For Life of Trinity. The night was full of fundraising and unforgettable memories. What an honor it would be to take part in this event again next year.
Color Guard performing at The Tampa Bay Rays Game
May 8th, Mitchell Navy NJROTC's color guard presented the colors at The Tampa Bay Rays vs The Texas Rangers baseball game. This opportunity was an honor for our cadets and these individuals are thrilled to be able to say they have done so.
Flag Folding Ceremony
Mitchell Navy was honored to represent Veterans at the Flag Folding Ceremony held at Fox Hollow on May 1st. The present cadets did a spectacular job unfolding and displaying the flag for all to see, and would be thrilled to do so again in the future.
Awards Banquet
The Mitchell Navy Awards Banquet, held on April 30th, was an experience all who attended will never forget. The NJROTC program here at Mitchell High School was gladly represented by the success of their cadets. The NJROTC Program is sad to be saying good bye to their 2014-2015 seniors, although well aware of their future success.
States Field Meet
On March 7th at Oviedo high school Mitchell Navy competed at the state competition. Taking home 8th overall and placing 6th overall in academics.
Area Manager Inspection
On February 19th Mitchell Navy was inspected by Commander Dirk Hebert, the Area 7 manager. This event was a milestone for Mitchell Navy due to the fact that Commander Hebert attended.
Winter Park Field Meet
On February 7th Mitchell Navy competed in this field meet. Taking home 2nd overall and placing first in both athletics and academics!
USF Raging Bull Field Meet
On January 31st Mitchell Navy competed in the annual USF Field Meet. At this meet Mitchell Navy placed 6th overall, but academics took home first!
Toys For Tots
On December 20th Mitchell Navy participated in the annual Toys For Tots. Toys For Tots is all about giving back to the community by helping the less fortunate get gifts for their families.
Christmas Parade
On December 13th Mitchell Navy participated in the Christmas Parade. Marching around and calling cadences we showed off our Mitchell Navy pride!
Young Eagles Flying Trip
On December 6th many cadets got the oppurtunity to fly in and operate airplanes. During this experience the cadets got to learn how the planes function on and off the ground. They also learned many things about general aviation.
Iron Bear Competition
On October 18th Mitchell Navy returned to the Iron Bear athletic competition. Placing 5th overall and taking home several trophies in the following events; 2nd place tire flip, 2nd place truck pull, 3rd place klackerboards, 3rd place agility course, 5th place fire hose relay, and 5th place in the obstacle course.
Mustang Stampede
The Mustang Stampede, a field meet annually hosted by the Mitchell Navy JROTC unit occurred on October 11th. Congratulations to Central, Gulf, and Gaither for taking top 3. Thank you to everyone who made this possible and for supporting the fight against breast cancer.
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We believe that individual commitment to a group effort is what makes our team work. Coming together in the beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success. Besides the nice thing about our teamwork is that we always have someone on our side. Thanks to all of our parents and supporters; without you we could not have made it. Commander and Gunny, YOU ROCK