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Golden Coral event is canceled
::: Dec 18 2014 20:25 :::
Mustang Stampede
The Mustang Stampede, a field meet annually hosted by the Mitchell Navy JROTC unit occurred on October 11th. Congratulations to Central, Gulf, and Gaither for taking top 3. Thank you to everyone who made this possible and for supporting the fight against breast cancer.
Mitchell Navy Flag Ceremony Practice
The flag ceremony, held at the Crescent Oaks Country Club, was our unit's presentation and folding of a sixty-foot flag to honor The Wounded Warriors project. This was an honor for our unit, as we were personally hand selected for being the best in the area again.
Mini Boot Camp
Mini Boot Camp is a three day event for incoming cadets to begin their drill, academic, and physical fitness studies. This event took place on July 22nd to July 25th, and each day our new and returning cadets participated in a day of vigorous activities. This is where the forging of our leaders began.
Awards Banquet
The Awards Banquet that took place on Friday, May 2nd, was a total success. Showing not only the cadets, but families and friends, all of the hard work that was put into this year. Being the last event of the year, we said goodbye to our seniors and wished them well on their future endeavors. So have a great summer and we will see you soon!
States Championship
On March 8th, Mitchell Navy competed at the States Championship at Oviedo High School doing the best they have ever done for a States Championship. Taking home third place for team push-ups, third place for unarmed basic, fourth place armed basic, fifth place overall athletics, fifth place team academics, and lastly fifth place overall. Being the last field meet of the season, they finished strong and proud.
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We believe that individual commitment to a group effort is what makes our team work. Coming together in the beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success. Besides the nice thing about our teamwork is that we always have someone on our side. Thanks to all of our parents and supporters; without you we could not have made it. Commander and Gunny, YOU ROCK